Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'm Fall In Loves ♥

Oh God, I become more and more pain but I still with my work that out! Well, I think I fell in love with my friends that first we're just friends but now I don't know why must I loves him  . As a friends I hope it :') Ohh God. You will know whose that unlucky boy muahahaa. He older 3 years than me damn ;( He loves me too but he's waiting a time to understand my attitute & he promised that he will change my attitute to be a better girl than before Insyaallah :') Bythewayy I really loves my lifes now full of freedom thanks mom thanks dad for giving me freedom since I am teenagers. I don't need anyone to supressed my life now. Just let me by my own self :) Hm okay kalau boleh aku nak dia tapi dia macam ramai girl yg suka kat dia & aku I never got him seriously I know it! Huhh damn rasa sedih sangat bila aku cakap aku nak tinggalkan dia tp apa kan daya dia tetap mengalah even aku tahu dia tu pun ego tinggi same goes like me :) Aiynnnnnnnnn, be strong okay one day there will be a man will looking for you muahhahahah.  

Lots of love, 
Aiynn Darel  

Peace Yaww